Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kara's Cupcakes

Ahh..I finally got my taste of Kara's Cupcakes. After reading about their great reviews online before i got to the States this time, i wondered how good their cupcakes really were, and the moment i knew they opened not 1 but 2 outlets just about 5 minutes from my sisters place, it made its way through my "MUST GO" list =P

I really liked the owner/founder, Kara Lind's production concept. Just as it says on her website (www.karascupcakes.com), "Because we continue baking throughout the day, we are proud to offer cupcakes that have been baked within hours, if not minutes, for your enjoyment." , true enough, we had to wait for a couple of minutes for a fresh batch of cuppies to come out from the back.
Tucked away in a little corner shop at Town & Country Village, Palo Alto

Real chic interior, straight to the point without any distractions

We tried a bunch of mini's. I tried the Sweet Vanilla with Vanilla icing, Vanilla with Coconut Icing and Chocolate Velvet. All cupcakes was perfectly moist and soft, which is a plus point although the icing was a tad too sweet to my liking. Somehow, the vanilla cakes had this after taste that i wasn't too keen about though. But the Chocolate Velvet is definitely a favorite =) We kinda got all excited with the cupcakes and I forgot to get pictures of the whole batch =P

The only Vanilla with Vanilla Icing cupcake that made it through the photo session!!

A must go again spot before going home, at least for the Chocolate Velvet cuppies!!


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