Tuesday, July 06, 2010

America oh America....

Arrived in San Francisco 2 days ago and my 1st kitchen experience here since. Grilled Cheese & Turkey Sandwich =P
This is my annual summer getaway, holidaying at my sisters place. Will be spending the next 1 month here, having loads of with my nephew and niece. It's been 2 years since i last visited and I've missed the family and Bay area so much! Plus, my sisters moved into her new home, that has my dream kitchen (that has the biggest kitchen island I've ever seen!) and my dream stand mixer, Kitchenaid Professional Series. Sigh..! I'm soooo getting the one in Pink!! =DOne of the other best features of their new place, the backyard, it's like a little "Farmville". I'm not kidding, they've got various fruit trees, flowers, vegetable and herbs. My most favorite, the orange tree. I must say these are the best oranges I've ever had! Not as sour and not as sweet..the perfect balance of both.

Compulsory breakfast accompaniment, freshest possible!

So for the next one month, my kitchen adventures will continue in the "the land of opportunity", and will live up to what the quote suggests!!


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