Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yummy Fried Rice

Did you know that fried rice was actually invented to make use of leftover cold rice?? I'm not quite sure how true this is but if you do some leftover rice from last nights dinner in your fridge, here is a very quick and simple but yummy fried rice. Just one of those days when all you want to have is something simple that won't take much of your time preparing and cooking. Ingredients for this recipe are most likely stuff that we have in our kitchens already.


3 cups white rice, cooked and *cold
2 eggs, lightly beaten
1/2 chicken breast, finely chopped
1 piece of turkey/chicken bacon, chopped
1tbsp minced garlic
3tbsp chopped carrot
3tbsp chopped spring onion
2tbsp oyster sauce
1tsp thick soy sauce
dash of white pepper powder
1 small cube chicken bouillon or 1tsp chicken powder


Heat about 4tbsp oil and quick fry egg, set aside. Reduce oil to 2 tbsp, add in garlic and fry till fragrant. Add chicken, bacon and carrot, tossing until chicken is half cooked. Add in oyster sauce, soy sauce, white pepper and chicken bouillon, tossing until chicken cooked through. (starting from this point, the process should take only 2 mins) Now add in cold rice, mixing till rice coated in sauce. Add fried egg to rice mixture and chop egg gently through rice and toss well. Turn off heat, sprinkle spring onion on top and ENJOY!!

*Never use hot rice for fried rice, chances are it'll get clumped and mushy =(

Simple things in life are, at most times, the best things in life =) IMHO that is.


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